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What do you mean by ‘need’?

We require organisations to be able to demonstrate the overall need for their project, as well as the specific needs of the communities with which they intend to work. Community needs should be evidenced with recent and relevant consultation, as this is vital in ensuring the effectiveness of the project design. You may also draw upon other sources of research relevant to your project.

One approach to defining need is to view those in need as lacking a particular resource or facing certain barriers in accessing the support, information or care they need, or a combination of all of these items which results in an identified issue. An example of an issue could be a community or region facing high levels of HIV/AIDS infection. This may be as a result of a need for education about transmission of the illness, a need for anti-retroviral therapy, or a need to reduce stigma around the illness in order to encourage people to seek assistance.
We would expect you to understand and respond to these specific needs through your project and, by doing so, you will be addressing the overall need to tackle the issue, in this example, high levels of HIV/AIDS infection and its repercussions.

Need - key points checklist:
• What is the problem or issue you want to address with your project?
• What evidence is there that this need exists?
• What are the reasons for the need?
• Have you carried out any research?
• Why have you prioritised this need?
• Why is your project an appropriate response to the need?
• Have you consulted with the people your project will benefit and other relevant stakeholders?
• Do you know about relevant local strategies or initiatives, or other projects working in this field and how your project will fit in?

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